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Family – ANYONE & everyone that is Sharing, Saving, Conserving & Recycling
~ Cloud Sharing Family members share goods that retain a significant amount of useful life but are no longer needed

* Everything’s an asset when made available for sharing with, or donating to, others
“One person’s trash is another’s treasure” as the saying goes, trouble is, the value of those items is usually subjective, eyes of the beholder. Cloud Sharing provides a third party’s objective appraisal of items and a generous starting point for Cloud Sharing Bank account deposits.

* Money spent long ago is reborn with new purchasing power within the Cloud Sharing Network
Look around! Chances are the older you get the more you’ve accumulated and no longer need. Or you’ve put on or lost a few pounds and clothes you no longer wear clog your closets and drawers. Trouble is, they’re nice and expensive goods hard to just stuff in a garbage bag for a non-profit that really doesn’t appreciate them. Or maybe the have special significance and value like bell bottoms from the 1970s *see JeanBank Cloud Sharing”.   Cloud Sharing recognizes and appraises intrinsic values within 9-out-of-10 households, various assets with dubious distinctions.

* Get rid of stuff no longer needed and obtain goods you need without spending precious cash
Does nice stuff accumulate because it’s too valuable to give away and you don’t know what to do with it? Cloud Sharing is the answer!

* We believe the only fair way to share is to find parity-in-sharing by creating a one-for-one exchange of value
For example, same jeans different waist size. Our fee based system provides Sharing Parity, an equal, one-for-one, exchange of value.

* The Cloud Sharing Bank provides Sharing Parity by appraising any & all assets anywhere in the world
(Exception: we would exclude Instruments of Violence like guns, knives, violent videos & games, etc)

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