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Bank – money in the Cloud Sharing Bank* beats unwanted and unneeded stuff in drawers or closets
~ Services include typical bank functions, asset appraisals and transfers using dollar equivalent Cloud Sharing Currency.

* Owns and controls the proprietary Cloud Sharing Currency, a closed monetary system
* The amount of Cloud Sharing Currency in circulation permanently increases by the value of each and every asset shared.
* The ‘Bank’ owns the cloud sharing currency and therefore determines who can use it and who can’t and in what manner.  Once an item is shared the value of each asset is added to the money pool but, unlike an Ebay transaction, it never leaves, it continually grows. The ‘Bank’ earns a percentage of each transaction fee.
* Maintains a database of all asset values for everything anywhere in the Cloud Sharing World
* The ‘Bank’ maintains a database listing every asset in the Cloud Sharing World (excluding instruments of violence) but carries no inventory nor sells any goods.  It determines a value and offers an appraisal for assets based on interest/demand and their current retail price by accumulating information from various sources including the Cloud Sharing Network and the retail, not secondary, market. JeanBank, for example, specializes in jeans & casual apparel utilizing the Cloud Sharing Currency & Network.

A simple formula creates Cloud Sharing Parity: Asset Value = MSRP (or current retail) x Condition x Interest

* Cloud Sharing apparel sample: Box 382 deposit contains 4 pair of Levi 517 western boot-cut jeans in great condition – available for JeanBank Cloud Sharing at $160, the current MSRP is $238.50 +tax ($59.50@).   The popular 517 style 2nd only to 501, 4pr quantity, tall size 32″x 36″, dark color and the higher waist but slim cut make these especially hard to find and desirable to tall men plus 30% of the Interest will  be generated by tall women with tallish features who wear an 11 or 12 and love the slim, comfortable and flattering fit & feel of traditional cut Levis 517 western boot-cut jeans.

* Responsible for all accounts, transfers, cash transactions, appraisals, loans, guarantees, etc

All typical Banking services plus extensive asset database in a closed virtual Cloud Sharing Economy.

* Makes possible a virtual transfer of funds to 501(c)3 churches & organizations (1.5 million registered) and others
* 501(c)3 non-profits BY FEDERAL LAW CANNOT appraise donations (except motor vehicles)  See ‘GIVING’ on menu

We CAN generously appraise!! So we create as much money as possible for you to spend or donate!

Anyone or any group can have an account.  For example, members of a church would virtually deposit boxes of goods in appropriate Cloud Sharing Network sites. Casual clothing might be boxed and virtually deposited in JeanBank.  When those boxes are shipped and accepted their or a designated account is credited.

Or Cloud Sharing Family members can transfer any percentage to their church that can, in turn, spend it on needed equipment or donate it to the Parish Pantry.  The Parish Pantry, in turn, can set up accounts for in-need clients who can shop online from the world’s largest inventory of goods.  Since the Cloud Sharing Currency can’t be cashed-out, the possibility of abuse is minimized.

It’s your money do what you want with it (except cash it out)!

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