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Currency – the medium of exchange in the form of a virtual Cloud Sharing Bank account currency
~ parallels the retail or current market for goods but can never be ‘cashed out’ – eliminates the middleman

* currency in circulation continually grows and equals the cumulative total of all transactions
For example, matching 2013 Ebay sales: $16 Billion fees, $210 Billion transactions, would add $210,000,000,000 in Cloud Sharing Currency to the currency already in circulation. Fees would go to network sites with a percentage to the ‘Bank’.

* A simple, acceptable formula creates currency: Asset Value = MSRP (or current retail) x Condition x Interest
By calculating a retail replacement cost Cloud Sharing generates the greatest possible appraisal value. People are logical but need a reason to believe the value is fair. That Cloud Sharing ‘reason’ is retail (current market) based and thus acceptable.

* Cloud Sharing is built on trust. Depositors know that they can obtain goods of equal value
Cloud Sharing creates a Perception of Value. When similar or dissimilar assets/goods of equal value are obtained the Cloud Sharing Perception of Value is realized & satisfied earning a member’s Trust.

* The currency in circulation never diminishes, it only grows and expands into new markets
Once the value of assets shared is added to the Cloud Sharing Economy it never leaves. You become a permanently invested member even though you have withdrawn assets of equal value.

* The currency can never be ‘cashed out’ so charities can give to the needy without fear of having money misspent
Check out the GIVING page – a Community activity. Would you give a needy person $300 cash to buy clothing for the family? There is a natural fear on the part of donors that the money would be diverted to other uses. Our currency can’t be ‘cashed out’ and thus the fear of abuse is minimized.

* Yes, we do pull money out of thin air, thank you Lord!

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