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~ Trusted Trustees paid to virtually deposit any asset for instant credit
~ appraisals & asset deposits using Cloud Sharing Bank guidelines; otherwise, funds not available until asset acceptance

* Trustees certify and are empowered and paid for appraisals virtual deposits
~ Owner has ultimate right to determine listed sharing value
~ Would you pay me $10 to get $160 to spend now?  Shelved Levis are assets (box 382) you can spend!  Guidelines let Trustees verify asset qualities and help Cloud Sharing Family members by packing boxes *see boxes) that maximize Sharing opportunities.  Once ‘boxed’ its value is credited to Cloud Sharing Bank account where Sharing is Shopping. Without Trustee, Depositor evaluates assets and virtually deposits boxes in appropriate Cloud Sharing Network site(s).   Box is withdrawn by fellow Cloud Sharing Family member and Cloud Sharing Bank account credit comes when asset is accepted.  

Potential Trustees – $80 billion weight loss industry needs nice clothes that look & feel absolutely marvelous
~ ‘One-for-One’ Cloud Sharing Parity, e.g. same jeans, different waist size – 100% of value is retained, no cash needed
~ Cloud Sharing is missing but Coming! Every weight loss organization in the world helps you physically change from within, but nobody helps change the outside cover.
~ Weight Loss Dilemma: Lose weight and buy better, more expensive clothes to look & feel absolutely marvelous or at one-third of your goal, buy inexpensive goods and look ordinary. Branding works, you really do look & feel absolutely marvelous in $200 ‘7 for all mankind’ skinny jeans two sizes smaller than before.

* Potential Trustees – 850,000 beauticians/barbers in USA most with established clients with oodles of goods
Nearly every beautician/stylist has regulars, many every week. An opportunity to share, save, recycle & shop qhile earning extra money.

* Clients basket of goods appraised, deposited and turned into assets for instant online shopping while sitting in stylist chair

* Or the value of those assets could be transferred to any charity of church for the needs of others

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