CloudSharingEconomy .com ~ the value of each item shared
adds to the total Cloud Sharing Currency in circulation

– there is a trillion dollars of stuff now worth little or $0.00 to owners

* Retail replacement values based on MSRP, Condition & Interest or current ‘real world’ market value
Manufacturers are our friends and help us create a new, virtual economy with billions of dollars for the asking! Cloud Sharing reinforces manufacturers’ MSRPs while the rest of the market is discounting the MSRP. Using this formula allows us to give Cloud Sharing Family members the maximum appraisals for their goods yet offers a reduced price from the cost of new goods. Eventually Cloud Sharing will become a means of accepting returned merchandise for manufacturers increasing revenue and reducing costs for retailers also.

* Cloud Sharing is Cloud Shopping and creates a new virtual sub-primary market for primary retail consumers
Think about it, we create a sub-primary economy! Mostly unneeded non-durable goods make up the grossly undervalued $14 billion secondary market dominated (95+%) by a few non-profits. Primary purchasers receive $0.00 compensation and even donation slips are blank by law. The few consignment & resellers in the secondary market must compete with the non-profits that pay nothing for goods keeping prices and values artificially low. Cloud Sharing views goods differently. We value assets/goods based on their original MSRP minus wear and consider the interest in that particular item – a sub-primary retail appraisal original purchasers can more fully appreciate.

* Virtual sub-primary retail market – no more middleman buying your stuff low & selling high
I sold a John Ruthven ‘Gray Wolf’ print (#226) on Ebay. It is valued on at $2200 and Row House in Milford, Ohio has ‘Gray Wolf’ #228 for $2100, they take 25% but it is a slow process. I got $365 after 10 days on Ebay and they took 10% plus Paypal got a cut. With Cloud Sharing I would have valued it at $1500. Likewise with the Levi’s or anything else. If you have a MSRP or current retail price for an asset you have a Cloud Sharing starting point. When you receive assets of comparable value in return you have realized & satisfied your Perception of Value.

* Everything’s an Asset to be shared One-for-One (excluding instruments of violence)
You can place a value on anything, even time has value and becomes an asset. When someone accepts that asset for a determined value your Perception of Value is acknowledged. When you obtain assets of equal value your Perception of Value is realized.