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Boxes – minimize shipping cost by maximizing goods acquired  – enjoy our YouTube box demonstration!
Cloud Sharing works best for everyone when the maximum number of items are shared.
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for new, pre-owned, classic and vintage clothing items boxed and appraised for the Cloud Sharing Family!
* Retain, Bank or Spend 100% of the Cloud Sharing Asset Value (every item is an asset)
* Depositors virtually deposit goods and when withdrawn and accepted the Cloud Sharing Asset value is credited to owner’s Cloud Sharing Bank account
* Billions are Available & Waiting for Cloud Sharing – just for the asking 
* Below we go Box-to-Box with, a $131M ($81M Goldman-Sachs) industry leader

Cloud Sharing recognizes the intrinsic value of sub-primary retail assets
Payout Below – 4pr Levi’s 517 traditional western boot cut jeans are compared

4pr_levibox2bg $238 . MSRP $59.50@ purchased from cost=$238  4pr Levi 517  32″x 36″ 
$160. Cloud Sharing Box 382 appraised value=$160 4pr Levi 517 32″x 36″ 
 _   _  _ _  _ appraisal based on 100% MSRP x Condition x Interest
$ 36 . Consignment – like Snooty Fox – 50% of $18 selling price – $36 for all 4pr.
$ 24 . Reseller – like Plato’s Closet – 33% of $18 selling price – $24 for all 4pr.
$ 11 . – 15% of $18 if they accepted them – they don’t – $11 for all 4pr.

During the last 6 years $500M has been invested in this rapidly growing secondary clothing market including a $131M investment ($81M from Goldman-Sachs 9/15) in is far superior.
JeanBank Cloud Sharing offers 100% of sub-primary retail value ($160 in bank) vs Thredup 15% of secondary value ($11 cash) for 4 pair of Levi jeans with a MSRP of $238.

Compare: Actual $1058 JeanBank Value vs Actual $62 ThredUp bag#B2Q44-VM54G Value below:
Cloud Sharing JeanBank value=$1058 vs ThredUp value=$62 (ThredUp’s credit/cash value)

Cloud Sharing pulls MONEY OUT OF THIN AIR - Helping Yourself Helps Others - - C. Andrew at 530-763-2265