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 A Cloud Sharing World is Coming where  Helping Yourself Helps Others
* Cloud Sharing is a new, green ‘social sharing of assets’ doing GOOD for all! *
*Beginning SOON *

* * Turn unwanted items into BANKABLE CLOUD SHARING ASSETS you can spend at will! * *
* Our Cloud Sharing Bank Creates the First Truly Virtual Economy *
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CloudSharingWorld – Helping Yourself Helps Others & spreads good and goodness where now there is little  
~ Cloud Sharing Bank Asset Appraisals based on the original MSRP retail price or current primary retail market 
* Cloud Sharing Parity – ONE-for-ONE – means receive similar (or dissimilar) assets of equal value (same jeans, different size) in return

* Owners Retain 100% of Cloud Sharing Asset Value(s) in a Cloud Sharing Bank account
* SPEND, TRANSFER, or DONATE – do whatever you want with your money except cash it out 
* Any fee-based business or website can join the Cloud Sharing Network and utilize the Cloud Sharing Currency
* 95% of unneeded goods are donated at zero cost to $35B charity industry (not-a-penny goes to primary retail purchaser or current owner)
* Charities cannot appraise a donation’s value by federal  law but Cloud Sharing CAN & DOES ( & you can now virtually donate asset value to any charity)
* Trillions of dollars in goods have great intrinsic value but limited secondary market residual value and are available for the asking

CloudSharingFamily – everyone that benefits by SHARING ~ SHOPPING ~ SAVING ~ RECYCLING ~ CONSERVING with others
~ Cloud Sharing Family members share goods/assets that retain a significant amount of useful life but are no longer needed
* Helping Yourself Helps Others – everything’s an asset when made available for sharing with, or donating to, others
* Money spent long ago is reborn with new purchasing power within the Cloud Sharing Network
* Get rid of goods you no longer need while acquiring desired goods without spending precious cash
* Our Cloud Sharing Family practices & believes in One-for-One Cloud Sharing Parity – sharing  similar or dissimilar assets of equal value
* Cloud Sharing Parity based on retail world with generous appraisals of any & all assets anywhere in the world
(pursue goodness – only one asset group is excluded from Cloud Sharing – Instruments of Violence – e.g. guns, knives, violent videos & games, etc) 

CloudSharingCommunity – GIVING (creating millions for charity)  a dignified & TOTALLY NEW way to virtually help others
~ Spend The Same Money Twice! ~  use yesterday’s purchases for tomorrow’s goods!
* See GIVING page above  ‘Inter Parish Pantry Study – to see the REVOLUTION in how charity donations will work in a Cloud Sharing World 
* Turn anything into a Cloud Sharing Asset to be shared and/or donated at owner’s Perception-of-Value, something charities cannot do! 
* note: BY FEDERAL LAW the 1.5 million 501(c)3 non-profits  CANNOT appraise/value donations (except some motor vehicles)
* Money in the Cloud Sharing Bank beats drawers & closets full of unwanted stuff
* It’s your money, share with family, friends or the community; your church, youth club, mission, etc
* Non-profits can virtually create Cloud Sharing Bank accounts for those in-need to shop the Cloud Sharing Network online
* Each and every one of us already owns the greatest untapped shopping inventory & market in the world

CloudSharingNetwork ~ are independent fee-based business specialty trustees
~ where networking parties agree to accept generous Cloud Sharing Parity of physical assets
* will be our first networking site; “Deposit casual apparel you don’t wear, Withdraw a new mini-wardrobe”
* Any website or business can accept the Cloud Sharing Currency by joining the Cloud Sharing Network
* 60, 600, 6000, 60,000 sites – an infinite number of sites can utilize the new Cloud Sharing Currency
* Even a site such as fee based Ebay could utilize the Cloud Sharing Currency to increase sales
* A site’s revenue is derived from transaction fees, not markup, a percentage goes to Cloud Sharing Bank
* Why accept? Central banking!  Each member’s asset brings both inventory & currency worth 100% of face value!
* Network sites are encouraged to have specialty expertise & appeal (JeanBank: jeans, denim & casual clothing)

Cloud Sharing Bank ~ typical bank functions and asset transfers using dollar equivalent Cloud Sharing Currency
~ money in the bank beats unwanted and unneeded stuff in drawers or closets
* Maintains a database of all asset values for everything* anywhere in the Cloud Sharing World
* Owns and controls the proprietary Cloud Sharing Currency, a closed monetary system
* Responsible for all accounts, transfers, cash transactions, appraisals, loans, guarantees, etc
*  Cloud Sharing Asset Value = MSRP x Condition x Interest – A simple formula creates Cloud Sharing Asset Value(s)
* CSBank makes possible a virtual transfer of funds to anyone anywhere on Earth (including 501(c)3 churches & organizations)
* We CAN and DO appraise all Cloud Sharing Assets creating as much money as possible for you to Share, Save or Spend!
* People prioritize the value of their  goods over the cost of others.
* It’s your money do whatever you want with it – Share, Save, Spend – except cash it out.

CloudSharingEconomy ~ currency in circulation equals the cumulative total of all past, present & future shared Cloud Sharing assets
~ Imagine the economic impact of Sharing a trillion dollars in assets now worth $0.00 (zero dollars) to original purchaser(s)
* Cloud Sharing is Cloud Shopping and creates a new sub-primary market for primary retail consumers
* Appraisals & Retail Replacement Cloud Sharing Values based on MSRP, Condition & Interest or current ‘real world’ market value
* Virtual sub-primary retail market – no more middleman buying your stuff low & selling high
* Everything’s an Asset to be shared One-for-One (excluding instruments of violence)

CloudSharingCurrency (click for detailed description)
~ the medium of exchange in the form of a virtual Cloud Sharing Bank account currency

* Parallels the retail or current market for goods but can never be ‘cashed out’ – eliminates the middleman
* currency in circulation equals the cumulative total of all transactions (2013 Ebay: $16 Billion fees, $210 Billion transactions)
* Cloud Sharing is built on trust. Depositors know that they can obtain goods of equal value
* The currency in circulation never diminishes, it only grows and expands into new markets
* The currency can never be ‘cashed out’ so charities can give to the needy without fear of having money misspent
* Yes, we do pull money out of thin air, thank you Lord!

CloudSharingBoxes ~ multiple items are packaged to maximize Cloud Sharing items and minimize per item shipping costs
~ Cloud Sharing works best for everyone when the maximum number of items are shared

* see for examples of how many clothing items fit in a box and their values calculated
* Depositors virtually deposit goods and when withdrawn and accepted their Cloud Sharing Bank account is credited – click to see how Cloud Sharing Boxes works

CloudSharingTrustees ~ trusted individuals who appraise assets and authorize instant credit for goods
~ individuals paid for appraising goods and giving instant credit based on Cloud Sharing Bank guidelines
* All members of the Cloud Sharing Network are automatically Trustees making appraisals and giving ‘instant’ credit
* The owner has ultimate right to determine the price of assets shared
* Example Trustees could be any of 850,000 beauticians/barbers in USA most with established clients with oodles of goods
* A basket of goods could be appraised, given instant credit and the client could shop while getting hair done
* Or the value of those assets could be transferred to any charity of church for the needs of others

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