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Network – CLOUD SHARING PARITY – a seller’s network – no middlemen
~ where buyers & sellers accept the Cloud Sharing Currency for parity sharing of physical assets

* Any website or business can accept the Cloud Sharing Currency by joining the Cloud Sharing Network
Why join? Any unneeded goods can become valued assets! People are more concerned with how much their goods are worth than how much a new purchase cost. That observation is based on 25 years experience in recycling. Currently you probably sell your unwanted goods for less cash than expected to a middleman (see Boxes) and generate only a portion of the cash needed for a new purchase. In the Cloud Sharing Network, consumers retain 100% of the sharing value and pay a transaction fee. Network sites specialize in evaluating specific interests, be it antiques or clothing, and provide the Cloud Sharing Bank database with reference evaluations used for appraisals.

* is an sample mock-up: Deposit casual apparel you don’t wear, Withdraw a new look
Think about it! If I accept the Cloud Sharing Bank appraisal of $160 for 4 pair of Levis I own (see Boxes) and you intend to buy the same 4 new pair from for $238 +tax, would you use $160 from your Cloud Sharing Bank account to acquire JeanBank Sharing Box #382 instead? What unneeded assets would you share and with whom?

* Why agree to accept and participate? Each member’s asset brings inventory & currency worth 100% of face value
The Cloud Sharing Bank provides a third party appraisal that does not currently exist. Establishing a Perception of Value based on documentation (retail market prices) provides a reasonable starting point for sharing values. The asset’s owner ultimately determines the offer value but acceptance value may differ. When assets of equal value are acquired the Perception of Value is realized and satisfied.

* 60, 600, 6000, 60,000 sites – an infinite amount of sites can utilize the new Cloud Sharing Currency
Our sample site,, specializes in casual clothing and accessories, Mary(.com) specializes in women’s fashion clothing, Bubba(.com) is an authority on collectible beer cans and matchbooks, Joyce(.com) knows John Ruthven wildlife prints, and so on. Millions of people have diverse interests and the Cloud Sharing Network gives each a new opportunity to explore, expand and subsidize those interests.

* Even a site such as fee based Ebay could utilize the Cloud Sharing Currency to increase sales
Think about it! How does fee based Ebay increase sales? A Cloud Sharing Currency option, where buyers and sellers have agreed acceptance, would bring new fee revenue!

* Each site’s revenue is derived from transaction fees not markup, a percentage goes to the Cloud Sharing Bank

* Network sites are encouraged to have specialty expertise & appeal (JeanBank: jeans, denim & casual clothing)


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