Helping Yourself  Helps Others  – a Cloud Sharing World is Coming!

Everything you own is an asset!  Unfortunately the value of
your assets is usually subjective and prey to the ‘buy low, sell high’ middleman.

Why does everything have to be converted to cash? Bitcoin is measured by its cash exchange rate. Cloud Sharing is a cash-free virtual economy based on real world prices.  Too often a ‘buy low, sell high’ middleman is required to dispose of unneeded goods or you end up giving them away or donating them to charity (95% of clothing).  Too often both buyers and sellers are constrained by limited money, availability or demand (ie;  Ebay, a buyer’s market, has a 10-day maximum auction length with limited exposure for small or occasional sellers).  Cloud Sharing is technically a seller’s market.

The Cloud Sharing Bank creates and maintains a reference database based on
the retail MSRP of your goods/assets for CLOUD SHARING PARITY.

People would rather have money-in-the-bank than unwanted goods in their home or business.  Trouble is, it’s often hard to locate a specialty market or determine an acceptable value.  For example, Britt saved for a year to buy a pair of size 7 Gucci jeans for $600 but, unfortunately, now wears a size 9.  Cloud Sharing establishes a value based on MSRP ($600), the condition (excellent), and the interest in them (high) for a Cloud Sharing value of say $500.  Ideally Britt’s Cloud Sharing Family locates the exact same Gucci jeans in size 9 she purchases for $500 with her Cloud Sharing Bank Currency without spending any cash – Cloud Sharing Parity is one-for-one JeanBank.com demonstrates how Cloud Sharing works in the casual clothing  market, new to vintage clothes from Britt’s basement.


Perception of Value is Satisfied when one obtains similar or dissimilar goods/assets of equal value.

PEOPLE ARE MORE CONCERNED WITH THE VALUE OF THEIR GOODS THAN THE COST OF OTHERS.  Perception is everything.  Cloud Sharing establishes a definable formula & acceptable common reference for Cloud Sharing Asset Values for all assets everywhere on Earth (except instruments of violence).  Cloud Sharing defines Perception of Cloud Sharing Asset Value as the retail replacement cost rather than secondary market value where charities sell most of the non-durable goods that carry zero O cost but also return zero O dollars to the primary purchaser(s) causing a significant disparity between perceived intrinsic retail and  current residual secondary values.


It’s your money! Do anything you want with it (but cash it out)!

When you share goods/assets their Cloud Sharing Asset Value is credited to your Cloud Sharing Bank account.  Do anything you want with it except cash it out!  Save or Shop for yourself & others, write a check to family or friends, or donate it to your favorite charity or any organization in the Cloud Sharing Family.


The Cloud Sharing Network creates an opportunity for any fee-based business or website
to conduct their business with ‘real world’ Cloud Sharing Asset Values utilizing the Cloud Sharing Bank & Currency.
Each contributes to the Cloud Sharing Bank reference database.

Cloud Sharing is Cloud Shopping and in essence a seller’s, not buyer’s, market.  You don’t have to take a buyer’s offer, you are in control of your merchandise and it stays with you until your satisfied with the deal!  It may take a day, week or month, depending on how finite the interest/demand is, but there is no middleman making a ridiculously small one-time offer and when your Cloud Sharing Currency buys goods of equal value your Cloud Sharing Perception of Asset Value is realized and satisfied.  You get what you want – your price!


Share multiple items and decrease costs ~ everybody wins ~ share more, earn more!

By sharing multiple items (like several pants and shirts) in one USPS box (CSBoxes) you increase the number of assets you acquire and decrease their shipping costs.  The more you share the more you have to spend!  

The University of Akron may be assisting with Trademark – Cloud Sharing