CloudSharingCommunity.com ~ GIVING ~ a dignified & totally new way to virtually give millions to others
~ Share, Shop, Save, Recycle & Conserve ~
let yesterday’s purchases make today better & tomorrow great!

~ 1.5 million 501(c)3 non-profits CANNOT by federal law appraise donations ~ Cloud Sharing CAN! ~
~ Generous Retail Appraisal Values (see Boxes) creates lots of currency for shopping, sharing, saving or donating! ~
~ Cloud Sharing makes possible a virtual transfer/donation of Cloud Sharing Currency
to anyone; any church, non-profit, organization, individual, family, friend or stranger ~

  • Do you know 9-out-of-10 households already own Cloud Sharing Assets?  DO GOOD with the greatest untapped  inventory on Earth!  Cloud Sharing turns anything into an appraised asset to be shared or donated at 100% Owner’s Perception-of-Value!


* Money in the Cloud Sharing Bank beats drawers & closets of unwanted stuff awaiting doom and a garbage bag value of zero.  Cloud Sharing Redeems Intrinsic Value with spendable money, share with family, friends or the community (below), your church, youth club, mission, any organization – do anything but cash-it-out!


* Soon any non-profit can virtually create Cloud Sharing Bank accounts for ‘those in-need’ to virtually shop the universal Cloud Sharing Network with dignity and personal satisfaction. (Inter Parish Cloud Sharing Study below)


* Anyone or any group can have a Facebook like Cloud Sharing Bank account.  Members of a church would virtually deposit assets in universal pool at appropriate Cloud Sharing Network sites. Casual clothing, for example, might be boxed and virtually deposited at JeanBank.com.  When those assets are shipped and accepted, the owner or a designated recipient receives a Cloud Sharing Bank account deposit or directed transfer.


* Or Cloud Sharing Family members could tithe a percentage to their place of worship or group who could, in turn, spend it on needed assets or donate it to a worthy cause like the Inter Parish Cloud Sharing Pantry.  The Pantry, in turn, can set up accounts for in-need clients who can shop online from the world’s largest untapped inventory of goods. Since the Cloud Sharing Currency can’t be cashed-out, the possibility of abuse is eliminated and the client can best fulfill their own needs without the constraints of  limited  ‘what’s on handout at the moment’ brick’n mortar charities.