Cloud Sharing About                                     Share ~ Save ~ Recycle ~ Conserve

Cloud Sharing is about Cloud Shopping without cash!
Help Us,  Help You,  Help Others  – a Cloud Sharing World is coming!

Why does everything have to be converted to cash? Even Bitcoin is dependant on its exchange rate. Yet too often a ‘buy low, sell high’ middleman is required to dispose of unneeded goods or you end up giving them away or donating to charity. Too often both buyers and sellers are constrained by limited availability or demand.  Ebay has a 10 day maximum auction – a buyers market with limited exposure, especially if you’re a small or occasional seller.

Cloud Sharing is Cloud Shopping and, in essence, a seller’s market. You don’t have to take a buyer’s offer, you are in control of your merchandise and it stays with you until your satisfied with the deal! It may take a day, week or month, depending on how finite the interest/demand is, but there is no middleman making a ridiculously small one-time offer and when your Cloud Sharing Currency buys goods of equal value your Perception of Value is realized and satisfied.  You get what you want – your price!

We are creating a virtual economy with many interacting features including: – everyone that benefits from sharing, saving, conserving & recycling
~  Family members share goods that retain a significant amount of useful life but are no longer needed – a dignified  & totally new way to virtually help millions of others
~  Share, Save, Conserve and Recycle – let yesterday’s purchases make today better & tomorrow great  – the first  seller’s market network – no middlemen
~  where buyers & sellers agree to accept the Cloud Sharing Currency for parity sharing of physical assets –money in the bank beats unwanted and unneeded stuff in drawers or closets
~ typical bank functions and asset transfers using  dollar equivalent Cloud Sharing Currency

CloudSharingEconomy .com – the impact of sharing a trillion dollars of goods now returning $0.00 to owners
~   the value of everything shared and total amount of cloud sharing currency in circulation (total transactions) – the medium of exchange in the form of a virtual Cloud Sharing Bank account currency
~ parallels the retail or current market for goods but can never be ‘cashed out’ – eliminates the middleman – multiple items are packaged to maximize shipping 
~ Cloud Sharing works best for everyone when the maximum number of items are shared

Cloud – trusted individuals who appraise assets and authorize instant credit for goods
~ ‘feet on the ground’ paid for appraising goods and giving instant credit based on Cloud Sharing Bank guidelines – we are creating a new global economy everyone can utilize using past purchases

University of Akron is assisting with Trademark – Cloud Sharing