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“The sharing economy is projected to grow from $15 billion in 2014 to $335 billion in 2025.
Quicker than ever, we’re shifting to the world of a shared economy.” –  PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP –

  A Cloud Sharing World is Coming * * * Where Helping Yourself  Helps Others!

Cloud Sharing monetizes your stuff! Everything you own is an asset if it has value! 
Unfortunately the value of your assets (stuff) is usually hard to determine and
prey to the ‘buy low, sell high’ middleman.

Why does everything have to be converted to cash?  Even crypto-currencies are measured by cash exchange rates.  The Cloud Sharing Economy is a cash-free virtual economy based on the perceived value of physical goods bought at real world prices (owners retain 100% of the value).  Too often a ‘buy low, sell high’ middleman is required to dispose of unneeded stuff or you end up giving it away to charity (you still can).  Too often both buyers and sellers are constrained by limited money, availability or demand (ie;  Ebay, Craigslist, Facebook, etc. provide limited resources for small or occasional sellers and could utilize a Cloud Sharing Currency).  In a Cloud Sharing World your stuff is money and sharing more makes everyone happier! You can do anything you want with your money but cash it out. It creates a new way of ‘Giving’ too so you can help others as never before possible (with cash you pull out of thin air)!

The Cloud Sharing Bank creates and maintains a global all-encompassing asset database providing

Cloud Sharing World appraisals based on the retail value of your stuff/goods/assets.

Most people would prefer money-in-the-bank to having unwanted/unneeded goods taking-up-space in their home or business.  Trouble is, it’s often hard to determine an acceptable value or locate a ‘middleman’ specialty market.  You’ve seen the ads – SAVE 90% OFF RETAIL! Great deal unless it’s YOUR stuff they’re selling!  The Cloud Sharing Bank establishes a generous value based on MSRP (retail market), the CONDITION, and the INTEREST (specific demand) for a generous Cloud Sharing World appraisal.  The Cloud Sharing Bank guarantees satisfaction and creates equity with ONE-for-ONE Cloud Sharing Parity. It carries no goods but instead monitors a Cloud Sharing Network of sites utilizing the Cloud Sharing Currency. (in 2008 draft form) demonstrates how Cloud Sharing works in the denim, casual & vintage clothing market.

Perception of Value is Satisfied when one obtains similar or dissimilar

goods/assets/stuff of equal value for CLOUD SHARING PARITY

PEOPLE ARE MORE CONCERNED WITH THE VALUE OF THEIR GOODS THAN THE COST OF OTHERS or ‘my shit is gold’.  Perception is everything.  Cloud Sharing establishes a definable formula and creates a generous Cloud Sharing Value for all assets everywhere on Earth (except instruments of violence).  Cloud Sharing ‘Perception of Value’ is the retail replacement cost rather than an artificial secondary market value created by charities selling under-valued goods obtained at zero O cost (while returning zero O dollars to the primary purchaser(s)). It ‘Pulls Money Out of Thin Air’ by exploiting the significant disparity between perceived Cloud Sharing World intrinsic value and current  and an arbitrary residual secondary value.

Virtual Donations  you can virtually give to your local place of worship or any 501c(3) organization!

Cloud Sharing gives value to your gifts where now there is none

Fact: by federal law not one of the 1.5 million churches, charities or 501(c)3  organizations can put a dollar value on your donation of stuff.  Cloud Sharing can and will!  You can then virtually donate the value of your stuff to your house of worship or 501(c)3 organization instead of the ‘Big 3’ charities (one for-profit company represents 30+ charities).   Click on GIVING above for a real world example of helping others.

The Cloud Sharing Network is open to any virtual or brick-an-mortar website, business or individual

The Cloud Sharing Currency substitutes for cash and the Cloud Sharing Bank handles transactions.

Cloud Sharing is Cloud Shopping without spending cash.   You are in control of your merchandise and it stays with you until your satisfied with the guaranteed deal!  It may take a day, week or month, depending on how finite the interest/demand is, but there is no middleman or one-time offer and when your Cloud Sharing Currency buys goods of equal value your Cloud Sharing Perception of  Value is realized, satisfied, and guaranteed.  You get what you want without giving up 25-90% to an under-valued secondary marketplace!

Cloud Sharing Boxes Share multiple items ~ everybody wins ~ share more, earn more!

Out of sight out of mind in a Cloud Sharing Box stuffed with multiple items  – one USPS box (CSBoxes)  – everyone wins.  The more you share the more they get and the more you put in the bank!   Click on Boxes above.

See the future – Cloud Sharing World – the first virtual economy

* Humanitarian: creates millions for charities and provide new sources of virtual help to those in-need (GIVING). 

* Business: It is the largest untapped inventory on the planet and is available for free.   

* Saving/Recycling/Conserving: Money spent long ago is reborn – no new cash needed. 

* Income: Network & Trustees will share expertise while receiving a transaction fee.

* Virtual Economy: it permanently grows by the value of each item shared.

* 5 yr Goal: In 2003 Ebay had $220B in transactions, matching that would permanently add $220B to Cloud Sharing Economy.

* Alas, this is but the vision of an experienced but worn-out old man in poor health without means to bring it to reality.

* Cloud Sharing is a win, win.  It helps everyone at no-one’s expense and expands new avenues of hope for millions.

You can see a detailed outline by clicking World above or here Cloud Sharing World.

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